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Utility Management  & Operation in Challenging Times

This year’s   US  Water  Innovation  Conference 2020   focuses on   Utility Management & Operation in Challenging Times.  

The Conference will be held May 12-13, 2020 at the University of Akron,  Akron,  Ohio,  USA.    The Conference is organized by the

Akron Global Water Alliance, a nationally recognized US Water Cluster, in conjunction with the City of Akron Water Supply Bureau and the University of Akron .

We are interested in the Innovations, Technologies, Systems, Strategies, Techniques & Challenges in managing Water Utilities and Waste Water Utilities across the United States as used and faced by the Management of those utilities and the Regulators and Engineering Consultancies who work with them. to better manage, understand, address and predict the issues facing them.  


We’ll look at this from the perspective of :

Asset Management                            >   Regulatory Burdens & Communications                         

Aging Infrastructure                                          >  Source Water Management

Public Communications & Awareness           >  Workforce Training & Development 

We welcome Abstracts in the following areas:

Asset Management-                                                      Workforce Training & Development-  
•    Evaluation, Maintenance                                      •    New Technologies & Aging Workforce

        & Documentation                                                  •    Succession Planning & Funding

•    Systems & Succession planning                         •    Utility Personnel or Contractor?
•    Use of Capital & Forecasting                               
•    Crisis Management

•     New Technologies & Innovations in
        Asset Management                                               Regulators, Utilities & Consultants-

                                                                                        •    Communications & Guidance Issues  

Infrastructure-                                                               •    Training, Compliance & Support 
•    Assessment, Monitoring & Maintenance          •    Enforcement Issues

•    Aging and Replacement Systems                      •    Innovations in Training & Development

•    Budgets, Expenditure & New and

       Old Funding Sources   

•    New Technologies & Innovations in                     

     these areas                                         Source Water Management-

                                                          •    Upcoming Regulations & Compliance

Public Communications-                                             •    Emerging Contaminants

 •    Social Media & Marketing                                 •    HABs 

 •    Public Education                                                 •    Water Quality Monitoring & Regulations
 •    Crisis Communications                                      •    Regulator and Utility Collaboration

 •    The Politics of Regulation                                  •    New Technologies and Solutions in these areas


Special Session  -  PFAS, Emerging Contaminants, Toxins and HABs
In a special session, we’ll also look at PFAS, Emerging Contaminants, Toxins and  Harmful Algal Blooms. 

We also welcome Abstracts in the following areas:

Emerging Contaminants and Toxins-    

•   Lead, DBPs, Pharmaceuticals, other Emerging Contaminants,

•   Detection, Treatment, Prevention
•   Innovations and Solutions

•   PFAS

•   Cyanotoxins

Harmful Algal Blooms-         

•  Monitoring, Treatment & Mitigation of HABs in theory & practice

•  Current Research & research updates

•  National & International HAB updates

•  Regulations and Compliance issues

•  Innovations and Solutions


Abstract Submission Requirements:

If you or your organization are interested in presenting on any of these topics, please submit the following information by email only to ds@sgiglobal.com   no later than January 31, 2020 

 - Your Name 
 - Organization 
 - Website URL
 - Email Address
 - Telephone Number 
 - Abstract 


Abstracts should :

 - Display the Title and General Area of the Presentation

 - Be in Word or PDF format

 - Be no more than 400 words in length

For more information, please email us at  ds@sgiglobal.com  or call us on 216.589.0693

We look forward to seeing you at the US Water Innovation Conference 2020  !