About AGWA

The Akron Global Water Alliance is a nationally recognized US Water Cluster which educates, promotes, develops, implements and helps commercialize innovative water system techniques and technologies from across the world to help solve those issues of greatest concern to the Water Industry.


Through the utilization of networking and mutually beneficial partnerships on a local, national and international level, AGWA promotes knowledge exchanges, innovation and the introduction of new technology to the US water market.Using our extensive global network, AGWA can develop pilot projects that connect state-of-the-art technology with proven business experience and local expertise, as well as valuable financial incentives.

We maintain a close working relationship with Regulators, Utilities, Engineers, Academia, Researchers, Consultants and Innovators all engaged in the Water and Wastewater Industry.


We continually seek domestic and international water technology companies, utilities, organizations and institutions that have leading-edge products, systems and solutions. Then we connect these innovators with appropriate partners in order to:


-Access resources outside their own markets (without relocation)

-Align and collaborate with experienced R&D partners

-Gain practical applications to demonstrate success

-Identify and develop practical applications and commercialization opportunities

-Enter and establish themselves in the U.S. market

-Deliver their water solutions throughout the U.S. and around the world


By helping to develop advanced technologies related to improved water and wastewater management, water reclamation and infrastructure systems, AGWA helps ensure our community’s continued access to a clean water supply and provides the benefits of these systems to other communities and countries around the world.


To find out more about AGWA, contact us at


T. 216.589.0693 





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